Focused and Full Accreditation Visits Within Two Years

The Unit Accreditation Board (UAB) may grant accreditation for two years with a focused visit. In these instances the focused visit must be scheduled by the educator preparation provider (EPP) to take place within two years of the date of the accreditation decision.

See also: Timelines for Focused Visits

Length of the Visit

The length of the visit will be shorter than a regular visit, usually Sunday to Tuesday. NCATE staff and the unit will determine the length of the visit. The length of the visit can be altered following the previsit if circumstances suggest that a change is warranted.

Focused Institutional Report

The focused Institutional Report is due in AIMS three months prior to the visit. The report template includes an overview of the institution/organization and a description of the unit’s conceptual framework. Instead of including evidence for meeting each standard, however, it includes evidence for meeting each standard that previously was not met. The report must address the entire unmet standard(s), element by element, including any previously cited areas for improvement. Educator preparation providers should refer to the section on Institutional Reports for information that applies both to institutional reports and focused institutional reports.

Institutional Report Addendum

Educator preparation providers with a focused visit are not required to submit an IR Addendum in response to the BOE Offsite Report, but all evidence required by the team should be available at the time of the onsite visit.  

Preparations for the Visit

Information for full Accreditation Visits applies, with the understanding that the unit will be preparing for a smaller team that focuses on the previously unmet standard.

Download: NEW! Focused Visit IR Template (Updated May 2013 - PDF)

Program Reviews

Institutions are not required to submit program reviews in preparation for a focused visit unless the unmet standard was Standard 1 and national program review is required by the state. In this case, the only required program reports will be for programs not currently nationally recognized or nationally recognized with conditions.

Third Party Testimony

It is not necessary for institutions preparing for a focused visit to publish a “Call for Comment” inviting third-party testimony.

Size of the BOE Team

The size of the BOE team for a focused visit is generally three members. However, the size of the team could be larger dependent on the number of standards to be examined, the previously unmet standard(s), and the size and complexity of the unit.

Budget for the Visit

Institutions are required to pay a periodic evaluation fee based on the number of Board of Examiners members on the team.

See also: Fee Schedule

Focused BOE Report

The focused BOE report includes a cover page, table of contents, and summary of findings for the previously unmet standards. The focused BOE report also includes an introduction and brief description of the unit’s conceptual framework, as well as findings for each previously unmet standard. Similar to a regular BOE report, the focused BOE report includes sources of evidence and corrections (if any) to the focused institutional report. The report must address the entire unmet standard(s), element by element, and any previously cited areas for improvement should be identified as "corrected" or "continued." (New areas for improvement may also be cited).

Possible Accreditation Decisions

The UAB has the option to grant continued accreditation or to revoke accreditation after a focused visit. If the UAB grants continued accreditation, the next full accreditation visit will occur five years after the focused visit, to return the institution to its regular seven-year accreditation cycle. (Some variations may occur in states that operate on a five-year accreditation cycle.)

State Partnerships

Focused visits will honor the state partnership context established for accreditation visits.