Development of Assessment Systems and Aggregating Data
  • Aggregating Data for NCATE 2000 (Adobe PDF), Dale P. Scannell, Professor Emeritus, Indiana University- Purdue University, Indianapolis. This paper emphasizes the importance of data management in assessment systems.

  • Specifications for a Performance-based Assessment System for Teacher Preparation (Adobe PDF), Richard J. Stiggins, Assessment Training Institute. These specifications describe use of assessment for instructional purposes and the need for faculty to know and model effective assessment.

  • Unit Assessment Systems (Adobe PDF), Beth Stroble, Dean, College of Education, University of Akron, September, 2000. This paper provides a synthesis and bibliography of performance and assessments literature in teacher education.

  • Making the Case: Marshaling Evidence about Candidate Proficiency (Adobe PDF), E. Lynne Weisenbach, Dean, School of Education, University of Indianapolis, October, 2000. Dr. Weisenbach has written a case study of the University of Indianapolis’ experience in developing an assessment system.