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Performance Expectations

Following each onsite visit, the performance of BOE members is evaluated by institutions and other national and state BOE members and state consultants who served on the same visiting team. The UAB’s BOE Committee reviews data at its semi-annual meetings about the overall performance of BOE members. These data help determine (1) if changes need to be made in training and (2) whether a member should be removed from the BOE.

Most BOE members begin developing their knowledge and skills during their first BOE training, but they become competent as they participate with experienced members during their first visits. Successful team members:

  • read the institutional report and visit the professional education unit’s website prior to the on-site visit;
  • work effectively as a team member;
  • use multiple evaluation tools effectively;
  • have good interviewing skills;
  • can analyze assessment data;
  • can keyboard, review online material, and use the web effectively;
  • can clearly and comprehensively write their sections of the BOE report; and
  • are professional in all aspects of their NCATE work.

BOE members who are recommended as potential team chairs by their peers and institutions are invited to train as a BOE team chair. They have a record of high performance, leadership skills, and interest in being a chair. Successful BOE team chairs:

  • Have a thorough understanding of the NCATE process and standards;
  • Make the on-site visit a learning experience for less experienced team members;
  • Conscientiously follow NCATE guidelines and timelines;
  • Ask questions when uncertain and keep in touch with NCATE when problems arise;
  • Are quietly authoritative—exercise leadership without being overbearing or inflexible and are willing to hear all sides yet able to keep discussions focused; and
  • Are organized, good managers, and able to coordinate activities with institutions and state representatives.

BOE members who consistently turn down assignments or drop off teams once an assignment has been accepted may be removed from the Board. Continued assignment is predicated upon satisfactory performance with accreditation visits.