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State Team Members

Many of NCATE’s state partnerships call for a state team to either (1) join the BOE team to conduct the onsite visit together or (2) conduct a separate state visit at the same time. In both cases, state team members should have participated in a state BOE training session. When state team members join the national BOE members to conduct the visit together, state BOE members have been through a training session similar to the national BOE training, often conducted jointly by NCATE and state staff members and consultants. State team members are appointed to a team by the state agency responsible for program approval.

State and national team members participate as equals in the conduct of the visit, including the review of evidence, collection of data, reaching a consensus or voting on standards being met, and writing the BOE report. The state BOE members who join an NCATE team have the same responsibilities as a national BOE member; see the section on “BOE Team Member” for a description of the responsibilities.

In some states, the state team members are also expected to review evidence related to state standards or specific state requirements (e.g., a specific number of hours for pre-student teaching, specific number of hours for student teaching, or courses in a particular subject). The report on meeting state requirements is sometimes included as an addendum to the BOE report. In a few states, the state team members write a full state report, similar to the BOE report. In these states, state team members do not have time to help write the BOE report. How state team members participate in the NCATE visit is described in the state protocol and can be clarified by the state consultant. 

In the partnership states in which state and NCATE visits are conducted concurrently, the state team is charged with applying state standards and writing its own team report. Although the state team meets separately from the BOE team to discuss findings and make decisions about standards being met, the two teams should share information and findings. At the previsit, the BOE chair and state chair should decide how to share data during the visit to prevent the development of reports with conflicting information. The team chairs may plan to meet at scheduled times during the visit; they may plan for the two teams to meet for this purpose. The two teams may share interviews and exhibits, but these details are worked out during the previsit. The state consultant can serve as a liaison between the NCATE team chair and the state team chair in these cases. 

The performance of state team members is evaluated by the institution visited and the state and national BOE members on the team. The evaluations of team members are available to state consultants.