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NCATE Staff Directory

James G. Cibulka, President

Deborah B. Eldridge, CAEP/SPA Coordinator

Mishaela Durán, Chief of Staff for CAEP Transition

Stacey Trey, Manager of Meetings and Events

Accreditation Team

Patty Garvin, Senior Director of Accreditation, SI and TI Pathways

Dana Leon-Guerrero, Accreditation Associate

Stephanie Kowal, CAEP Consultant

Caryn Wasbotten, Accreditation Assistant

Program Review Team

Elizabeth A. Vilky, Senior Director of membership and State Relations

Sabata G. Morris, Accreditation Associate, Program Review

Special Projects/Consultants

Emerson J. Elliott, Director, Special Projects

Donna M. Gollnick, Chief Academic Officer

Donald M. Feuerstein, Senior Advisor

State Relations Team

Shari L. Francis, Vice President, State Relations

Communications Team

Kaaryn Keller, Director of Communications and Public Relations

Zachary Everett, Executive Office & Communications Assistant

Technology/IT Team

Frank x Huang, Chief Information Officer

Yongming H. Du, System Development Associate

Victoria S. Jones, Information Technology Assistant


Thanh Tran, Director of Accounting, Budgets and Banking

LaVon Greenwood, Staff Accountant

Office Support

Keisha Walker, Lead Administrative Assistant

Emmanuel H. Guerrier, Executive Assistant to the President

Monica Siengo, Assistant to the Sr Vice President

Zachary Everett, Executive Office & Communications Assistant

President Emeritus

Arthur E. Wise, President Emeritus