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Previsit Agenda

Roles of Individuals Involved in the Visit

  • BOE team members

  • State consultant (i.e., representative of the State Department of Education or State Professional Standards Board)

  • State team members if a joint or concurrent state/NCATE visit

  • National Education Association (NEA) and/or American Federation of Teachers (AFT)state affiliate representatives

  • Head of the professional education unit and the institution's NCATE coordinator

  • Chief executive officer and academic officer of the institution

  • Other key institutional representatives

  • Key faculty, administrators, and other individuals identified by the institution


  • Candidates (both in organized group settings and in informal settings such as hallways, student lounges, student union, etc.)

  • Field supervisors of student teaching and internships

  • Principals, school personnel directors, teachers, and other practitioners from area schools (both ingroup settings and on visits to field sites)

  • Faculty and administrators from the policy groups as outlined in the template for the visit

  • Recent graduates

Observations of Classes and Field Site Visits Exhibit Room

  • Location and organization of visits

  • Critical contents of exhibits

  • Team access on Saturday and Sunday

Sunday Evening Function

  • Who should attend

  • Institution's presentation, which is sometimes scheduled at this time

  • Location of dinner, if applicable

Hotel/Motel Arrangements

  • Location in relationship to campus

  • Private rooms for team members and state representatives

  • Meeting room (with appropriate lighting) for team work sessions on Saturday through Wednesday

  • Computers, printers, clerical supplies, copying facilities, and other equipment for use by the team

  • Payment of hotel expenses (direct billing to the institution or other means)

Technology Arrangements

  • Multiple computer workstations with access to website in exhibit room

  • Multiple computer workstations with access to website in hotel

  • Printing capacity in workroom and at hotel

  • Disk of website and list of additions since creation of disk

  • Name and telephone number of technology support person

  • Orientation to website as part of introduction to the unit

  • E-mail address for NCATE team while on site

  • Arrangements for video-conferencing of interviews at off-campus and branch campus sites, if applicable

Travel Arrangements

  • Nearest airport and ground transportation

  • Arrangements to contact team members about travel and hotel logistics

  • Travel between hotel and campusArrangements for observation of classes on campus and in P–12 schools

  • Travel to field sites or technological contact with field sites (e.g., video conferencing)

Meals and Refreshments

  • Recommendations for local restaurants for evening meals

  • Arrangements for Monday and Tuesday lunches on campus