Program Review Overview

All EPPs (Educator Preparation Providers) seeking CAEP Accreditation must complete the program review process. Program review is part of the overall accreditation process and occurs prior to the self-study and on-site accreditation visit. EPPs then use the results of program review as evidence to meet applicable CAEP standards.

States will define the program review options available to EPPs as part of the CAEP State Partnership Agreement. States may choose from the following three options: CAEP Program Review with National Recognition, CAEP Program Review with Feedback, and State Program Review.

Program Review Options by State

CAEP Program Review Options

SPA Program Review Policies and Procedures

CAEP Program Review with Feedback

State Program Review


Program report forms completed for each content area and level describing evidence of candidates’ performance on a set of key assessments that demonstrates meeting standards.

Submitted as an addendum to the self-study report (Inquiry Brief or Institutional Report).

State-defined process


Specialized Professional Association (SPA) Standards

State-selected standards

State-selected standards

Timing of Submission

Mid-cycle of the overall accreditation cycle (3 years in advance of the accreditation visit for most states).

At the same time as the Inquiry Brief or Institutional Report documents (roughly 8-12 months in advance of the visit).

State-defined timing.

Review Team

SPA review teams trained by both the SPAs & CAEP.

Reviewed by site visitors

State review team


Recognition Report with a decision of “Nationally Recognized”, “Recognized with Conditions”, or “Further Development Required/Recognized with Probation/Not Nationally Recognized”.

Feedback is provided to EPPs and the state on specialty licensure areas aligned to CAEP and state standards based on disaggregated data presented in the self-study.

State decision regarding program approval.

Additional Information

This is the only program review option that can lead to national recognition by CAEP/SPAs.