SHAPE America-Physical Education
(formerly NASPE)

Standards The 2008 NASPE standards are applicable to program reports submitted through 2018. A new set of SHAPE America SHAPE America-PE standards were approved in Spring 2017. Programs can use either the 2008 or the 2017 standards through Fall 2018. Beginning in Spring 2019 programs submitting initial reports must use the 2017 standards. 
Report Forms Option A Program Report Form 2017 (Initial)

Option A Program Report Form 2008 (Initial)

Option B Program Report Form 2008 (Initial)
Instructions Option A Instructions (Initial)

Option B Instructions (Initial)
2017 National Standards for Initial Physical Education Teacher Education

This document contains the 2017 SHAPE America Standards application and approval package for Physical Education programs. This includes the standards and their supporting explanations; rubrics; evidence guide; and contact information for questions.