PARCC Releases More Sample Items
These sample items are designed to help teachers, students and parents get a better sense of how PARCC will measure student learning in mathematics and ELA/literacy. pdf Download (53KB)

Preparing Teachers and Developing School Leaders for the 21st Century: Lessons from around the World
Nations around the world are undertaking wide-ranging reforms to better prepare children for the higher educational demands of life and work in the 21st century. pdf Download (4MB)

Recent Trends and Practices in Accreditation: Implications for the Development of Standards for Council for the Accreditation of Education Programs (CAEP)
In the last two decades, we have seen a good deal of change in the environmental conditions surrounding higher education in the U.S., and with it accreditation. pdf Download (177KB)

Recruitment and Selection in Educator Preparation
This paper explores differing perspectives, suggesting how they converge, and recommends inclusion of language in CAEP standards intended to bring greater rigor to accreditation while fostering innovation. pdf Download (524KB)

Redefining Teacher Education for Digital-Age Learners: A Call to Action
There are many individual efforts aimed at reforming the educational system and there is broad recognition that changes in the educational system will require changes in the roles, knowledge, and skills of the educational workforce. pdf Download (632KB)

Schooling as a Knowledge Profession
Schools need to transition from the bureaucratic industrial-age structures in which they were created a hundred years ago into modern learning and improvement organizations that are suitable to the needs of today. pdf Download (66KB)

Outcomes and Accountability in Teacher Education: An Opportune Time for Progress
Efforts to accelerate the pace of improvement in teacher preparation have been underway since at least 1998 when Congress established the Title II teacher quality program and the federal “report card” on preparation program quality. pdf Download (80KB)

Preparing Teachers: Building Evidence for Sound Policy
The quality of teachers is increasingly recognized as critical to student learning. pdf Download (347KB)

Teacher Education and the American Future
In this article, the author discusses the U.S. context for teacher education, the power of teacher preparation for transforming teaching and learning, and the current challenges for this enterprise in the United States. pdf Download (203KB)

The Effects of Experience and Attrition for Novice High-School Science and Mathematics Teachers
Because of the current high proportion of novice high-school teachers, many students’ mastery of science and mathematics depends on the effectiveness of early-career teachers. pdf Download (916KB)